Monday, June 11, 2012

Trekking Along with netTrekker!

Did you know that the resources in netTrekker are aligned with the Common Core Standards?

Here is something else I bet you did not know about netTrekker:

The netTrekker Search is getting a new look in July which will make things easier for you!!!

The new netTrekker Search interface will help you empower learning with more than 330,000 engaging, relevant digital resources aligned with State and Common Core standards!
Developed in partnership with current customers, netTrekker Search will unveil a new streamlined interface in late July 2012 focused on making each search:
  • More Effective – consolidated details to quickly differentiate search results
  • More Intuitive – new engaging interface to inspire learning experiences
  • More Productive – streamlined search tools to save time
  • Easier to Learn – embedded tutorial videos will provide just-in-time instruction and support
Here is some other information provided by netTrekker: that I wanted to share with our Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools teachers:
  • netTrekker Search brings standards-aligned, teacher-approved digital resources and a unique set of learning tools into the classroom to create an engaging 21st century learning environment
  • netTrekker Search contains over 330,000 educator-selected digital resources that are organized around the K-12 curricula and by grade level so searching is logical and easy
  • netTrekker Search provides resources that work for all members of our school community including general education students, English language learners, gifted students, students working below or above grade level, those having reading challenges, special needs, and more
  • netTrekker Search is web-based so students can use it at school and home
  • All netTrekker Search web sites and images have been selected and evaluated by educators so students receive safe, relevant results and school-friendly images every time they use the internet
  • netTrekker Search also includes an entire section devoted to English language learners and to teaching English as a second language
  • netTrekker Search is an easy to use technology tool with searching options for beginner and advanced users so all our students and teachers can benefit from the educational resources available on the internet every day.
  • netTrekker Search can help our teachers find safe, educator-selected digital resources for each child’s learning needs and style.
Here are some blog posts about the many helpful things you can find in  netTrekker:


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