Monday, June 11, 2012

Technology Integration

Photo by superkimbo

Technology integration means more than just having computers or interactive white boards in a classroom, it is how those pieces of technology are utilized. Technology can be a powerful tool to enhance and bring curriculum to life. It can be used to empower student’s creativity and allow them to demonstrate learning through a medium other than testing.

Ideally students should be given as many opportunities as possible to use technology to create, collaborate, and communicate. It can be a means to guide students to access higher order thinking. Students can create, analyze, and evaluate with any number of various programs and web 2.0 tools that are available.  By placing technology into our student’s hands, we are preparing them for the technology-driven world they will enter and teaching them to use technology as a tool for endless learning.

Technology integration can look different for different classrooms, lessons, or students. It can be as simple as using a flip chart to help students visualize a concept or can be as complex and involved as students using it to create in order to show their learning. Classroom teachers who understand how to best utilize technology will understand how to seamlessly integrate the technology in such a way that it will compliment the curriculum to maximize learning. With much trial and error, and lots of support and learning, all teachers can find numerous ways to integrate technology effectively.

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Sam Jephson said...

“…it is how those pieces of technology are utilized.” – I couldn’t agree more! IWBs, when used correctly, can be an excellent educational tool for both learners and teachers. This technology makes it easier for the lecturer to enhance the content of their presentation by putting pictures, graphs, texts, or any files that can help the students understand the lesson further.