Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Month from netTrekker!

Since you may be looking for some information/activities either for the end of the year or in early preparation for next year, I thought I would share some information I received from netTrekker about some featured services.

As a WSFCS teacher, you have access to netTrekker. You can find a link to netTrekker on WSFCS Learning Village dashboard. Each school has a school code that will allow you to connect to the school's account and create your own username and password. Once you log in, there is a code to change from a student to a teacher, since more resources are availble for teachers. (I will be glad to help with this information if needed mwedwards@wsfcs.k12.nc.us)

  • Science Buddies
    We have added over 600 resources from Science Buddies to netTrekker. Science Buddies is an award-winning non-profit organization focused on creating free project ideas in the areas of physical science, engineering, life science, social science, earth science, and computer science. These project ideas can be used by students for science fair experiments, or can be customized by teachers to create project-based activities and lessons. Science Buddies also provides great overviews of over 100 science careers and offers other reference materials to help students create safe, well-designed science experiments.
    These resources can be found in the elementary (230 resources), middle (400 resources), and high school (250 resources) sections in the US, UK, and Canadian netTrekker products by searching for the keyword, "Science Buddies." Users may refine this set of search results by using the subject refinement menu. This will display the relationship between Science Buddies content and specific science disciplines.

  • ELL Resources: Inspired Testimonials from NT101 Participants
    Te netTrekker 101 online course facilitator ust wrapped up a session on using netTrekker with English Language Learners. The course participants filled the discussion forums with very thoughtful content which may be helpful to those of you who are writing IEP and 504 plans. On the netTrekker blog, you can find several of the participants' comments from the discussion board about the Dictionary Hot Key, Read Aloud, Readability, and other refinement features in netTrekker. Enjoy these testimonials from passionate educators.
    Click here to read more.

  • AP and Honors Resources
    The resources for the High tab in netTrekker are pulled from rich academic resources such as: Dirksen Congressional Center, Library of Congress, Smithsonian, Federal Reserve Bank, PBS, NASA, museums across the world, and secondary educational institutions. These resources, when used in conjunction with 21st century skills and authentic learning situations, can be applied to any academic group, such as gifted and AP students.The netTrekker content editors have pulled together a collection of special topic areas and sites that would appeal to high school honor students.
    Click here to read more.

  • Fairy Tales and the English Learners Channel
    Are you familiar with the variety of resources in netTrekker's English Learners Channel? Read how Kylene Lichucki, Instructional Technology Facilitator from Jonesboro Public School District, AR, uses fairy tales, interactive media, and more to explore cultures, teach standards, and meet the needs of diverse learners.
    Click here to read the blog post!

  • Save Time with netTrekker!
    Do you ever think that you don't have time for netTrekker? Did you know that netTrekker can actually save you time?
    netTrekker allows you to narrow in on the right resources for you and your students more quickly and efficiently! Suzy Deller, a netTrekker Account Manager, has pulled together a few tips to help you maximize your time while using netTrekker.
    Click here for a FREE eBook featuring her suggestions!
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