Thursday, March 10, 2011

March resources in netTrekker

Did you know that netTrekker has groups of resources to go along with themes each month? You can find these Monthly Projects by looking in My Portfolio in netTrekker. Each registered user of netTrekker has their very own portfolio to store things in ... so if you don't have My Portfolio in the sidebar when you visit netTrekker, make sure you register using your school code and the teacher code.

Inside My Portfolio, look for a folder called Global: netTrekker portfolio. This is a collection of resources and projects from netTrekker users. In this portfolio, you can find a folder for Monthly Projects. Each month has its own folder containing project ideas and resources already pulled together for those projects. (There are also instructions on how to copy resources from that portfolio into your own portfolio.)

For the month of March, you can find resources and project ideas for:
  • Famous American Women
  • Music
  • Nutrition and Johnny Appleseed
  • Pi
  • St. Patrick's Day

I just found out that OUR WHOLE SYSTEM has a trial of netTrekker's new product called igotta until April 9th. Here is more information about igotta:

We also have Defined STEM available through netTrekker until March 31st. Here is more information about Defined STEM:

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