Monday, January 24, 2011

netTrekker has eBooks?

Have you seen the netTrekker eBook Series on things like web safety, 21st century learning, and using netTrekker? I have seen some of these books before, but now they are all together!

While most of these eBooks are related to the use of netTrekker, there are ideas in all of them that are applicable to student learning. People who are new to netTrekker can find information. People who have used netTrekker for years can find information. People who have never used netTrekker before can find information. Do you fall into any of those categories?

These eBooks provide tips, tricks, and best practices for the classroom:
  • 21 tips for 21st Century Learning
  • A Guide to Personalized Learning
  • Getting Started with netTrekker Search
  • Increase netTrekker Usage
  • Keep Students Safe in a Web 2.o World
  • netTrekker Registration Keys
  • netTrekker Search on the Go
  • Resources for Honors and AP Students
  • Save Time with netTrekker
  • Summer Reading Projects
  • Tips to Help Your Search in netTrekker
  • Using netTrekker in Your Classroom

I see some eBook reading in my future ...

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