Thursday, September 10, 2009

Train, Work, and Learn!

"You've got to train for it and work for it and learn for it." This was what I consider an impressive charge from President Obama Tuesday in his message to America's students. Interesting thing about those words? That not only applies to our 21st century students of today - it applies to us as educators, as well.

Train for it... well, pretty obvious what he means... But, as educators, we have to put the time in to understand that our efforts on a daily basis make us better at what we actually do. Remember the coined phrase "on-the-job-training"? Hopefully, each day, we (on purpose!) get a bit better at what we do. Put into practice what you do know!

Work for it... You have to put your time in, as the old saying goes. Go the extra mile. Step outside the box. Don't expect something different if you're doing the same things to get there... The cliches applicable here are endless, but in reality, there is work involved in moving our classrooms into the here and now. No classroom will become a successful product of 21st century integration overnight. It takes time. The success will come and the results will be evident in your overall student engagement and learning. Day by day, week by week, semester by semester.

Learn for it... That is where technology staff development workshops and courses come into play. Participating in the workshops and online courses we offer gives a good foundation to get things rolling in your classroom. Hopefully, you will leave each workshop inspired to try something different in your classroom with your newly acquired 21st century skills. Learning is who we are as educators - so it should be happening all the time, right?

Want to watch the President's speech or read the script for yourself? Check them both out here...
Need a refresher on his views of American education? Here is a recap.

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