Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coloring pages: Creating visual art

Coloring pages are an underestimated resource. However, several parents and teachers alike use them for fun activities. Even more students tend to enjoy coloring them. During the process preschoolers may develop skills, like coloring within the lines. This favorite past-time also lends itself to teachable moments when discussing plants, animals, and when learning the alphabets using relatable objects.

The internet provides teachers’ access to several coloring page websites in which a good number of them are free. One such website, Crayola offers coloring pages with lesson plans. In the classroom teachers of K-2 students may find this website as well as the ones listed below useful when teaching visual arts.


Coloring said...

My wife and I recently launched an original online coloring site where kids can color with gradients and patterns:

They can also color their first name.

Coloring said...

Coloring is always fun!