Saturday, September 12, 2009

Viewing the World with an Interactive Globe

There are various methods in which a student may learn about the geography of the world. Students may travel extensively or they may read books about various countries. In geography classes teachers may use globes as visual to teach about world travel, tourism and current events. Image if the globe was interactive and with the touch of a pen you are able to locate a region of the world and hear facts about that country. There is such a globe. Oregon Scientific offers a SmartGlobe, an interactive learning tool, that is designed in the shape of a globe. Students may find the games available on SmartGlobe fun and informative. The facts that students listen to when pointing with the pen may be updated regularly with updates provided on-line. For ideas on how to integrate the use of a SmartGlobe, the included games, facts, maps see the NC Geography standard course of study.

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