Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not a Science Fiction Movie: History of Computers

During the year 1939, the introduction of the computer may have been met with contempt or with great anticipation? Perhaps then (1939) some people may have asked the question – "Why technology? "

Now in the year 2009, years after Charles Babbage introduced what was known as the “Babbage Engine", a first generation computer, the question is not why, but "why not technology?"

To find out about the history of the computer following its introduction and its metamorphosis from 1939 until 1994 visit the “Computer History Museum” website at Make sure you visit the timeline link that provides chronological timelines of computer related topics. Also worth a visit are links to the various exhibits that showcase computer artifacts.

Where does the history of the computer belong in the classroom? In my opinion, the very existence of at least one computer in every classroom warrants a visit to the "Computer History Museum" website.

Pictures from: Microsoft Office Online Graphics

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