Friday, November 13, 2009

5 Ways to Step Back in Time

History Buff? History Teacher? Regardless, there are various opportunities online for our students to step back in time. Check out some of these websites to bring history alive within your classroom.

History Mystery

This site offers games and activities on exploration, African-American History, Environmental History, Government & Politics, Social/Cultural History, etc.

Grade Level: 4-9

Archiving Early America

Short video clips at your fingertips! Each short video on this site offers a highlight of true, significant historical events based on the Early American Digital Library.

Grade Level: 3-8

National Geographic Expeditions

This site is described as being an interactive museum with geographical journeys including a telescopic view from space – there is even an archeological dig.

Grade Level: 5-8

Digital History

In addition to lesson plans/handouts… you can also find historical music, videos, games, interactive timelines and a digital textbook.

Grade Level: 3-12

Growth of a Nation

Only have a few minutes? This site offers a unique, narrated 10 minute presentation on the growth of our nation.

Grade Level: 3+

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