Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspiring Examples

Emory shared some great ideas for blogging in schools. I hope you take the time to read and implement at least one of those ideas if you have a blog started. I have spent some time time recently looking at some of our district staff blogs and wanted to share a few jewels I found...

Funniest Teacher Blog: Leah Qualls, South Fork Elementary
Ms. Qualls should be published as her classroom stories bring me to tears every time. She shares the every day funny things that children say or do. When I was a classroom teacher, I swore I would keep a diary of those things and never did. Her quick wit and storytelling capabilities will bring a smile to your face!

Breakthrough Administration: Jefferson Middle School
Frank Martin's Friday Notes-
Weekly Happenings-
The administrative staff at Jefferson is taking on the blogsphere! Frank Martin (principal) and Peggy Dickey (Assistant Principal) are sharing information about what is going on at the school. Principal Martin shares insights to his school and his role in it. Ms. Dickey uses the Weekly Happenings to share with the staff about what is going on in the school each week.

Great Start to a New Year: Kimmel Farm Elementary
Technology Facilitator Sam Walker is truly the historian of this new school. His background in journalism helps to make the school, staff, and leadership transparent to the community in which it now serves. Be sure to check out the post on their appeal to Governor Perdue. Mrs. Madison's class is lighting the way for the use of Problem-Based Learning!


Trish said...

Those are great blogs. They are wonderful ideas to share how to use the blogs.



swalker said...

Thanks for the mention! Humbled to be mentioned in this group. We're building pride and identity at Kimmel Farm, and feel it's an important piece (for both students and staff) when opening a new school.

Cathy said...

Thanks for keeping us "In Touch" with quality. Your "Inspiring Examples" has done just that! The blogs are SO exciting!