Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revisiting Some Presentation Tools from the Blog

As a kid I used to hate it when my favorite TV show would have an episode full of flashbacks to previous episodes. But this is completely different. :)
I'd just like to give a second look at a few presentation tools reviewed in earlier posts on this blog that I've used and enjoyed. Sometimes I will use Powerpoint for a presentation - it's comfortable but predictable. I've enjoyed using the following web-based tools as an alternative to good old Powerpoint and think you might as well.
  • Vuvox - Vuvox was reviewed by Brian this past January , still has the linear feel of Powerpoint but with more flow and pazazz. You can create "hotspots" within the sliding presentation images to include hyperlinks and different forms of media. You'll need to set up a free account to start using, but I think you'll find it is a nice alternative to Powerpoint while still being similar in nature.
  • Prezi - Evan blogged about Prezi back in March calling his post "Presentation 2.0." And part of Prezi's appeal is its presentations offer a nonlinear feel to them. You still create a path or map to text, pictures, media, etc... but the movement in Prezi allows the presentation to spiral, zoom and spin around the content. When used properly this produces a very engaging presentation. Like Vuvox you just need to setup a free account with Prezi to get started.
  • Pageflakes-Pageflakes was the subject of one of my blog posts earlier this month. Although Pageflakes isn't exactly intended to be a presentation tool (like Vuvox or Prezi), it offers a great way to present information. In Pageflakes you can set up an entire page with content related to a subject. I tried this out in a Google Earth workshop recently, where I created a page filled with content related to Google Earth (links, RSS feeds, video and text) instead of a Powerpoint. I don't think I'd try this with every presentation, but I think it worked well for this workshop.
So there they are; a few flashbacks errr..."gems" from past blog entries to help change the ways we look at presentations.


Scott Armstrong said...

My students really enjoyed working with Vuvox. I've tried Prezi myself, but want to get better at it before bringing it to the classroom.

Emory said...

I agree Scott. Prezi has great potential but it is an adjustment. Glad to hear your students are using Vuvox-- great that you are modeling this kind of technology in your classroom. I'd like to see a few examples of student created vuvox.