Thursday, January 22, 2009

Using Vuvox To Create Exciting Multimedia Presentations

Here is a new way to add flare to your presentations. It’s called “Vuvox”, your visual voice. This free online resource allows you to create a multimedia filmstrip that you can slide left and right on your monitor. You can add pictures, text, video, music or voice files and hyperlinks to your sliding filmstrip. Go to Click “get a free account”. Fill out the info. Click the “create” tab at the top of the page and choose either express, collage or studio. Express is a fast condensed version of the studio creation. Choose a presentation style and links to your media libraries through RSS feeds. Collage is a multimedia platform that allows you to combine your photographs, videos, sound files and text into interactive stories. The collage can be published or embedded into any website or blog. You can cut out parts of an image to use it as a frame or mask. There are multiple layers so you can place an image behind your newly created frame to spice up your photograph. You can create “hot spots” or links to other media, text or websites. You may choose to add your text, soundtrack or audio file directly to the page. When you choose to create a collage you have the option to watch three short instructional videos to help you get started. When you click “create with studio”, you will go through a series of steps to collect your media, create an interactive presentation and embed your presentation in a blog or a website. Give it a try and add flare to your lessons or presentations.

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