Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black History Month

February is Black History Month and many teachers incorporate lessons and activities about Black History Month into their curriculums. So I thought this week I would provide a list of sites for teachers, students and parents. Some sites may be familiar and some sites may be new to you so enjoy browsing through the list.


  1. Design a Postage Stamp
  2. Underground Railroad – National Geographic – interactive
  3. LearnNC
  4. NC WiseOwl
  5. SAS in Schools – Curriculum Pathways
  6. A to Z Teacher Stuff
  7. The Teacher’s Corner

  1. Time Magazine for Kids
  2. History Channel
  3. Hot Chalk’s Lesson Plan page
  4. Education World
  5. Yahoo Kids!
  6. Scholastic Teacher Resources
  7. Teacher Planet

  1. Discovery Education Classroom Resources
  2. CNNiN – Interactive
  3. Sue LeBeau
  5. NBC News -
  6. PBS Teachers
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Christina said...

I hope that many of my fellow teachers are considering the use of this information in many months other than just February. There is something very limiting about the message we send to all of our students if/when we only talk about the African-American heroes of our past and present during one set of 28 days!

Anonymous said...

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