Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11, 2001

Much has been said and written about September 11, 2001, that fateful day when the Twin Towers fell. I remember where I was and what I was doing that morning that changed my sense of security and safety forever. Where were you and what were you doing that morning? How did you feel, what thoughts did you share with your fellow workers, family and friends? We've all been asked these questions many times over.

It's now been seven years and although we shouldn't forget the loss of life and livelihood for so many people across the nation how should we continue to remember that day?

How do we teach our students about September 11, 2001? I watched part of "102 Minutes That Changed America" last night on the History Channel which focused not only on the towers but on the people. Through technology, people with camera phones, people in other highrise buildings with digital cameras and the news media I watched a different perspective about September 11th. I could see and feel what those people felt who were on the ground watching the towers burn and then running for their lives still recording when the towers fell and I could see the masive rush of debri that covered the people as they ran. I felt that day along with millions of other people who watched this special on the History Channel last night.

What technology do we have today to teach students about September 11th and other events around the world? I went to the History Channel site this morning to see what else was posted about 9-11 that could be used with students. (
There was a short 5-minute segment that could be used in science and construction classes about the design of the building that would also teach students about heat from fires and structual stability; there's an interactive map with various locations marked that would show students the tragedy from several different locations along with other information. Could we see, feel and learn this from a textbook? Could we manipulate the data from a textbook? How many of our students are visual and kinesthetic learners?

How do students spend time today? Wikis, blogs, social networking, facebook, myspace, camera phones, google earth, they play games online with other players around the world, they are connected 24/7 and they are learning. I think a better question should be - how will students use technology to share with us what they have learned?

We have the technology to bring the tragedy of September 11th to life. How are we using technology to bring the world of education to life for all students?

How are you bringing the world to your students?

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