Friday, September 12, 2008

Stickies on the Web

Ever look at your Bookmarks or Favorites list and wonder why you took the time to mark that particular site.

For those of us who need little reminders or just love Sticky Notes, MyStickies is a web-based application that allows you to add a sticky note to any web page. When you revisit the page, the note is right where you left it. This makes it easy to remember why you marked the page in the first place and what was important on it.

Included with the MyStickies account is an area where you can go to review your notes, go back to "stickied" sites, modify text in a note, and delete unwanted notes. For the people who want to remember why they chose that site but don't care for the "Sticky Note Effect," each account has an unlimited number of Sticky Pages that act as a scratch pad, allowing you to make your notes, lists, or reminders in one spot and not clutter up your web page. Tags or categories can be added to each sticky note and then viewed later by category.

The future of MyStickies for me is to share tags, notes, and sites with all my friends - and remember why!

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