Friday, December 16, 2011

The Edublog Awards

All of us in the Instructional Technology Department are always on the look out for something new to share or exciting to read. Most of us have our Google Reader set up to follow many blogs and try to keep up with the ever changing field of Technology In Education.

One of the best ways to find new folks, ideas, and resources is the Edublogs Awards. In a nutshell, these awards highlight the best in not just the Edublogosphere but on Twitter and other places as well. In late November folks from all over the world nominate blogs, Twitter folks, hashtags, wikis, podcasts and apps for the awards. And these are not just US based blogs, wikis, etc. They come from all over the globe, so it's truly an international competition.

The nominations are narrowed down and for 7 days the voting is on. This year there were over 30,000 votes from over 100 countries, the most ever. 

There are categories like Best Overall Blog, Best Teacher Blog, Best Student Blog, Twitterer Of The Year and A Lifetime Achievement Award. It really is a great way to discover new and exciting "stuff." 

Here is the Google Doc of the winners from this year in each category. I really encourage you to check out all of the folks on this list. 

And yes, I did win Twitterer Of The Year. This isn't the first year I was recognized with that honor. I won the very first Twitterer Of The Year in 2009. It really is a humbling honor for me. I am so lucky that I get to share wonderful content with wonderful people from all over the world.

So check out the blogs, wikis, podcast and people on the list. They are some of the very best in the world!

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