Monday, October 17, 2011

"Wonder" What's Happening

A few weeks ago in my blog post on "What I Learned This Week ... " I mentioned a teacher at one of our elementary schools had her students create "Wonder" books and how I introduced her to Wonderopolis. This week as I was talking to teachers in their grade level planning times, I was talking about resources. I was showing some science resources my coworker, Melissa Edwards, had found and one of them was on Wonderopolis (Does Matter Really Matter). 

After I finished the workshop, a teacher came up to me to show me what she was doing. She had materials that were several years old on reading strategies. Within this packet of information, were several pages of "wonders". What this meant was that students "wondered" what would happen next in a story. She was very excited that I shared Wonderopolis with them and how she was going to start using Wonderopolis as part of her reading strategies.

As you can probably tell, Wonderopolis is one of my favorite go-to web resources. I always mention the archived Wonders and the fact that students can comment on the Wonder of the Day and that Wonderopolis always answers back. Be sure to go and check out all the past Wonders as well as the current ones.

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