Friday, October 14, 2011

Edmodo Promethean Users Group

In our department we have steadily grown a following through Edmodo among our school Tech Facilitators, Staff and Faculty.

But what you may not have known is that if you are a teacher that has an ActivBoard in your classroom we have a District wide Edmodo group that you can be a part of. The Promethean group will help you to learn more about the board and software you are using in the classroom with your students as well as it being a location where you can ask questions of our Instructional Technology team. Not only that you can use this as a collaborative space where you can ask questions, share resources, provide feedback and just tell us how things are going in your ActivClassroom with your students.

Right now there are not that many members of the group so I want to propose a challenge to the teachers within the district to sign up in Edmodo and become a member of the Promethean Users group. To sweeten the pot a little bit I am going to have a contest of sorts to get everyone involved.

In order for you to become a member of the group you will first need to go to to sign up within your school. You will need your school code to do this and your on-site Tech Facilitator has the registration code for your school. When you are on the Edmodo website you will click on the I'm a Teacher button and fill in the info box that appears along with the school code from your Tech Facilitator. Congratulations then you will be logged into Edmodo. Now you will need the Promethean Users Group code from the Tech Facilitator as well for the next step. After you have the code look on the left side of the screen to see a button that says JOIN, it is small and under the default profile picture which looks like chalk outline of a person. Click on it and enter the code and you are now a member of the Promethean Users Group.

So here is the contest for the rest of the Month of October. Once the group has 50 members I will draw one name a random to receive a prize, if we reach 100 members I will draw two names to receive prizes. The winners will be announced in the Edmodo group so you will need to periodically check to see if you are a winner. Oh and by the way while you are there checking for your lucky number you can peruse through the resources that are already available, answer the survey question and start collaborating with other teachers from around the county.

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