Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So I admit that Science is not exactly my favorite thing in the world (although I am married to an engineer).

But I have recently found myself involved in several Science-related activities and searches for resources, and I am starting to see Science in a slightly different light.

I came across two great Science resources ... totally unconnected topics but still great resources.

StudyJams! from Scholastic:
  • "What is matter? It's solids, liquids, and gases and it can change states through heating or cooling. Want to know more? Watch this three minute video — and try singing karaoke — and learn all you need to know."
  • There is a video, a song, some vocabulary words, and a quiz. The video and song have memorable characters and catchy tunes.
  • The quiz provides feedback at the end and shows the correct and incorrect answers ... which could be a teachable moment if needed.
eGFI: Dream Up the Future
  • There are links to all kinds of interesting tidbits of information related to the various fields/aspects of engineering:
    • agricultural
    • industrial/manufacturing 
    • electrical
    • civil
    • chemical
    • aerospace
    • computer
    • ocean
    • mining
    • mechanical
    • nuclear
    • materials
  • Information is presented in the form of an interactive graphic novel (rather than just words in a textbook) ... just hover the mouse on the green X and there is no telling what will appear ... click on the X and you will learn even more
  • Even though the focus is the content, the way this content is presented really caught my attention!
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