Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am a big fan of encouraging students to create to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Creating is a High Order Thinking Skill in Bloom's Taxonomy.

Here are some resources I have pulled together on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and ideas for how it is being used in various places. :

I love the stuff Kelly Tenkely writes and creates for her blog ( She is a huge fan of Bloom's. Kelly is so helpful and willing to share. She lives in Colorado and is opening her own school this year. We have gotten to be friends through twitter and blogs. Here are some of her resources:

Bloomin’ Peacock *this is one of my favorites
Bloomin’ Pinwheel
Bloomin’ Tree

Here are some other resources I found that may inspire other ideas:
Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Wiki

As I searched through my blog to see what I have written about concerning Bloom's Taxonomy, I found it has been a popular topic for me too!

Bloomin' Resources (even when it is cold)
Technology is Bloomin'! (great storybird creation included here)
Blooming Orange
Blooming Butterfly

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