Friday, August 26, 2011

Free BrainPop Videos for Educators

While teaching a workshop this week, BrainPOP came up in conversation. Several teachers expressed their interest and appreciation for the videos and content BrainPOP was offering teachers and students. One teacher liked how BrainPOP engaged his students from the very beginning by making complex concepts, easier to understand. Although BrainPOP subscriptions are available for purchase, they do offer free resources, lessons, and videos to educators. By creating a free BrainPOP Educator account, teachers have access to a variety of BrainPOP videos about various topics. Some of their BrainPOP Espanol videos are available as well!

Video content is broken down by subject area (see image). However, I like that regardless of what subject area you teach these videos can be integrated across content areas. For example, identifying the main idea is a literacy skill that is used across content areas. Being able to identify the difference between a main idea and a topic is a valuable skill all readers need.

If you are interested in a BrainPOP Educator account you can register here. Once you create an account you'll have access to over 850 free resources!

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swalker said...

I highly recommend these as great ways to introduce or review content and concepts. Although an account can be pricy you may be able to get a grant or Donors Choose grant to pay for a subscription. I've had a lab account in the past and the students loved these - especially if you challenge them to work hard to get all the review questions right on the first try. If they don't, I had them go back watch the video again and retake the quiz until they got them all correct so EVERYBODY got an A!