Friday, August 26, 2011

Awesome Resources

Our department was tasked with creating a lesson plan using a specific goal or objective from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. I knew of several resources that I had that could reinforce the objective, but I needed to understand what students needed to learn.

Learning Village to the rescue! I logged into Learning Village (remember you can access it from the front page of the WSFCS web page). Then I clicked on the Elementary tab under the Curriculum tab. From there I chose the grade, subject, 1st Quarter, week 1-5, and my specific objective. From there I had a wealth of resources. The indicators and strategies were linked so that I could read about the objective, look at sample problems, and get general ideas of what I needed to cover.

There were web site resources, video resources, all sorts of resources for me to use to create my planning guide and lesson plan. 

Please make sure you go to Learning Village. There are some wonderful resources that you can find to enhance your lessons. They are aligned directly with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

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swalker said...

Learning Village has become quite a resource full of resources thanks to vision and hard work. With everything curriculum in a constant state of flux it's nice to know teachers can look here and get most anything they need.