Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where in the World Is ...

... Trekking the Planet expedition?

I found a great post on Twitter this morning from @TrekkingPlanet. Darren and Sandy are talking about their upcoming 400 day world journey and their expedition is named "Trekking the Planet". This trip will start in January and they are asking teachers and students to follow them on their journey. They are going to be hiking and using ground transportation as much as possible in order to really learn the culture and geography.

This would be great for geography teachers to plan lessons around next year. If you are a teacher you can subscribe to their expedition here. You and your class will be able to follow Darren and Sandy and receive free education modules. Here is a sample for you to look at. They are asking for your help. What types of videos and/or images do you want to see for your students? What would be the most meaningful for you and your students to learn about their travels? Here is a copy that you can download of their Trekking The Planet Overview. The May 2011 newsletter is out; you can read about preparations for the expedition.

This sounds like an amazing opportunity for geography and social studies teachers and students to hear first hand accounts of cultures, geography, and people. All of the education materials are free.  Visit Trekking the Planet and sign up for the updates and follow Darren and Sandy on their expedition. It looks to be a very interesting learning opportunity!

Original image: 'untitled' http://www.flickr.com/photos/61725061@N00/42087468 by: Francesca Palazzi

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