Monday, March 21, 2011

EDSITEment again ...

I have recently been learning even more about the EDSITEment site from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This program consists of over 500 lessons, 300 sites, student interactives and a monthly newsletter, as well as a Facebook page and twitter feed. They are trying to share resources and information in as many ways as possible.

They also have a number of other features which are not so easy to find such as under the Reference Shelf , they have four quick reference indexes of lessons and one for websites:

I contribute to a weekly podcast sharing about Instructional Technology in the school district where I work. A few weeks ago, I discussed resources from EDSITEment on the podcast (episode 12). Since I have an elementary school background, I mentioned that some of the Advanced Placement materials may not be as helpful due to the age of the students I worked with. It was pointed out to me "that these lessons are still useful for lower grades because they bring together so much accurate information, ideas, and vetted links."

I agree that teachers of any grade level should not shy away from the resources geared to other grade levels because you never know where you will find great resources and information.

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