Monday, March 21, 2011

Battle of the Books!

Congratulations to Meadowlark Middle School who will represent WSFCS at the Regional Battle of the Books Competition on April 8! What an awesome team of readers and competitors!

Congratulations to ALL the middle school students who participated in Friday's competition! The students demonstrated that they were well prepared and were ready to "battle" over the details of the books. Great sportsmanship, good manners, and mutual respect for other readers was exhibited all day long.

Thanks to all the volunteers who officiated (judges, timekeepers, scorekeepers, Room Managers, Door Monitors,) and especially our moderators, Alex Hoskins, Lisa Turner, Ann Long, and Gayla Bucher. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we worked through the logistics of a new facility and schedule.

Second Place Winner: Hanes Magnet School
Third Place Winner: Paisley IB Magnet School
Close Fourth Place Winner : Jefferson Middle School

Next year's list of books will be released by NCSLMA (NC School Library Media Association) in the next few weeks so everyone can start preparing for WSFCS Battle of the Books in March 2012!

Good luck, Meadowlark Middle at Regionals!

Jackie Pierson
Program Manager for Library Media Services

image is of the Meadowlark Middle Battle of the Books team

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