Friday, November 19, 2010

SMART Board Basics

I have been going out to schools and conducting staff development on SMART Boards. As I was conducting the staff development several teachers asked if there were handouts for them to refer back to when they got back to their classroom and tried to remember what I had gone over. This got me to thinking about how I could get them information in non-traditional ways. The first thing I did was upload several Quick Reference Guides from SMART Technologies into my wiki for workshop attendees to open and view. Next, I created a glog from Glogster EDU on SMART Board Basics and embedded it into my wiki. Below is the glog I created.

I then created a postcard in Microsoft Publisher that had all the url's that they would need to find my glog, Quick Reference Guides, information on SMART Response Systems, and SMART Slates. I passed them out in yesterday's staff development and showed them how to navigate my wiki. I think the teachers were pleased.

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