Friday, November 19, 2010

Remember — you don't need to be an engineer ...

Math and Science were not my favorite subjects in school, so when I was teaching either of those subjects I always tried to find ways to make it make sense for both me and the students. While looking at some of the resource sites available from netTrekker last week, I came across TeachEngineering. I have been impressed with what I have seen so far.
Here is a description from the website:

The TeachEngineering digital library provides teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers engineering content for K12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms. Engineering lessons connect real-world experiences with curricular content already taught in K-12 classrooms. Mapped to educational content standards, TeachEngineering's comprehensive curricula are hands-on, free, and relevant to children's daily lives.
Remember — you don't need to be an engineer to use these curricular resources!

The last line make me laugh about not needing to be an engineer to use these resources ... I am definitely not an engineer (even though I am married to one). I like how the lessons and activities found at this site are hands-on, real-world, relevant experiences. We are looking at possibly adding TeachEngineering to Learning Village in the future!

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