Monday, November 1, 2010

Connecting EduGlogster and netTrekker Search?

I have been focused on ways students can use the information and images they find to create glogs (multimedia posters) with EduGlogster. Students can use colors, shapes, images, videos, and audio recordings to share the knowledge discovered after completing research using netTrekker Search. I was looking today at the netTrekker village forum. I had seen a thread about glogster/eduglogster before but had not really looked at the comments. Teachers talked about the ways they could create followup assignments by linking various activities found on netTrekker. Something clicked in my mind about all the things that are possible pulling together these two great sites.

I have used EduGlogster as a way to pull together links to share with students and as a way to share resources with teachers in workshops. I have used EduGlogster to pull together information about the ways netTrekker Search can be used to aid a teacher's instruction. I am not sure why I did not put those two ideas together ...

What other ways can EduGlogster and netTrekker Search be used together?

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