Thursday, May 27, 2010

Antiques Roadshow – In the Classroom?

Alright, let me say… very excited about this post. I love, love, LOVE the Antiques Roadshow. Not for the reasons you might guess of instant riches. But, instead… I love to hear about the history of each and every piece – and how the folks featured happened to have a connection to its history.

So – how does this make ANY sort of sensible connection to your classroom? Glad you asked! Think about it like this - Short history lessons can be invaluable for your students!

Straight from the Antique Roadshow’s website…. “If you are looking for new ways to get your students excited and engaged in history, geography, the arts and society, and a range of other topics, you've come to the right place. Integrate the study of material culture (artifacts and objects) into your teaching, using objects appraised on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Through questions, activities, and other resources, students take a closer look at the "things" people have used throughout history to create history…”

Don’t have a clue what TV show this is? See for yourself… Watch this short appraisal video clip referencing a Marine Chronometer, ca. 1815 (used for measuring longitude). History AND Math. Oh my!

Check out this Antiques Roadshow link just for teachers…

BTW, I am keeping my eyes and ears open for how HGTV’s “If these Walls Could Talk” makes its way into the classroom. History teachers… watch and wait with me. In case you couldn’t figure out my excitement – history is something I consider to be way cool. Want more history links/resources? Check out some of my previous posts.


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