Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Using Labels In ActivInspire To Reveal Answers In A Diagram Or An Image

Here is a cool trick in ActivInspire. You can use labels in the Property Browser to create the answers in a diagram or an image. I used the life cycle of a caterpillar image from the Resource Browser. Then I drew the lines with the connector tool. Actually I only drew one line and then I duplicated it, just because that’s the way I am. I won’t go into the details on that one. Now, select a line and click on the Property Browser. Click the plus sign next to Label if it isn’t already expanded. Type the answer in the caption box. Select your font, font size, font color and background color. In the behavior drop down, choose tooltip. Place your pen on the line and position the text when it appears. Now when a student is at the board telling the class what the answer is, they only need to hover the pen over the line. Very easy, yet very cool and effective too. There are numerous tricks you can do in ActivInspire to add excitement to your lessons. Try them out and enjoy!

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