Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skype for Educators

Skype for Educators is a list of experts willing to skype into classrooms. On this google doc, you can find a list of names and contact information as well as what they feel comfortable speaking about to your class or school.

  • What a great way to bring people into your classroom that might not be able to get there any other way
  • Think of the experiences you can provide for your students
  • If you would be interested in adding your name to this list of willing individuals, please see this page:
  • "Are you an educator willing to share ideas through Skype? If you have a skill or expertise that you would like to share with educators around the world, or visit classroom to classroom, please input your information here. Examples: authors, illustrators, career visits, experts on history, sciences, math, etc. Please be sure to fill in all applicable form fields to assist users with narrowing down the expertise by topic."

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