Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Than Wordles

Wordle has been one of my favorite tools for a while. I like the variety of things that I can do with it. I came across a wiki page today that presented even more ideas: MoreThanWordles. This page by Jen Wagner (twitter @jenwagner) is a collection of resources (and just neat things) that can be done with word clouds whether they are created using the Wordle program or not. I really like the jigsaw puzzle image that is over a wordle so pieces can be removed one at a time. The presentation on adding graphics that can be found on that wiki gives me even more ideas for ways a teacher (or really anybody) can use Wordle or word clouds.

Jem also does the daily GuessTheWordle daily challenge where a wordle is posted and students have to figure out what the words all have in common. You can read more about this challenge as well as find examples and answers from the past on the GuessTheWordle Wiki.

Here are some other great resources related to word clouds and Wordle:

Edited to add later:
  • Jen Wagner left a comment on this post on my blog. Here is part of her response:
    As soon as I can get the puzzle to work in PP I will upload it. Right now -- it is 13 different images -- with just the removal of a puzzle piece in each image.
    But -- grins -- I have a plan. :)
  • Here is what she later sent me on twitter:
    I got the Puzzle to work and uploaded a zip file with the images and the PP file.
    On the powerpoint -- the background image has to be the wordle -- apply to all -- and it should work just fine. :) ENJOY

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