Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogging Alliance

I have recently become part of a blogging alliance formed by Kelly Tenkely (twitter @ktenkely) who writes the iLearnTechnology Blog that I have learned so much from this year. Those of us in the blogging alliance regularly read and comment on each other's blogs. That has added an extra motivation for me to write more in my blog . . . and it is exciting to get comments! But even more exciting than the comments that I am now getting is the excitement of learning so many things from so many people!
Here is how Kelly (who I often refer to as the "friend I made on Twitter from Colorado") describes the alliance on her blog:

  • "Just about a month ago, I proposed the idea of a blogging alliance between educational bloggers. The response has been incredible. To date there are 73 educators involved from around the world. In this month of reading and commenting I have learned a great deal from these amazing men and women, I have built new friendships, and started new conversations. It has truly been an incredible experience to have educators, passionate about learning, coming together to support each other. If you are looking for some excellent educational blogs, may I recommend those in our alliance? "

(please see her blog for even more information about this alliance)

One of the blogs I have found from this alliance is "Digital Tools for Teachers: Strategies to help create fun and engaging learning for the 21st Century Learner" by Stephanie Hendy (twitter @artysteph26). This is a blog I might never have found, but I am glad that I did since I have gotten so many great ideas. I got several ideas from one her recent posts concerning finding out what her students were interested in to help her plan. She gave each student a red, green and orange card. Students wrote answers to different questions on each colored card. She used these answers to create Wordles (which are on her blog). Using the answers this ways allowed her to see which ones were mentioned the most (larger in the wordle). I really liked the way she did this with her students. She does a much better job of sharing her experience, so please go read this beautiful-looking blog!

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Anonymous said...

I too am a member of this blogging alliance and think it's great. Kelly herself is an inspiration and I don't know how she manages to comment on so many blogs and maintain her own so regularly. I agree with everything you say. It's motivating and encouraging, great to learn from others, a wonderful opportunity to engage in conversation and to be part of a worldwide network.