Friday, January 15, 2010

Using Your Cell Phone To Blog

One of the challenges teachers must be aware of is the need to reach their students by infusing technology in the curriculum that the students use all the time. It’s no secret that students love their cell phones. It almost seems like they were born with the cell phone in their hand. They talk, they text, they exist!

Blogging is a way to get students to write. The teacher could set up a blog in a number of different ways. The teacher could create the blog and the students could comment. Another option would be to have certain student’s blog and the other students could comment. The students’ roles could change from week to week or month to month.

What if your students could blog from their phone? Would they be more likely to participate? Would they think that was cool? They can. They can write a post from a text message using their phone to bloggr (256447). Then they would write their post. 150 characters would count as one text message. Then they would click send. Blogger will send them a mobile blog URL and a claim token. Then they would go to:, enter the claim token and the verification characters. They would sign into their blogger account and click continue. Then they would just choose the blog that the post should go to. Remember that the standard costs would be charged for texting by the phone carrier the student has.

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