Thursday, September 3, 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Today's blog post is inspired by a book I am currently reading... Laurie Richlin's "Blueprint for Learning". What caught my eye, instantly, was a simple, yet very thought-provoking sentence. "Every action we take as instructors is based on our expectation that our students will be able to change something that they know, feel, or can do." Wow!

As an instructor of teachers (and a former instructor of students) I can say that it is indeed true that our actions do speak louder than words. What are we saying to our students based on what we do and how we teach? We use all the 21st Century Learning buzzwords like engage, create, collaborate, design, etc. etc. But, what are we literally "doing" in our classrooms that physically show the meanings of those words and what it actually looks like to incorporate 21st century skills into the class... daily.

This post should cause some reflection... which then hopefully leads to inspiration... which should then lead to action. The ball is in your court. Let your actions show you are on board with technology not because you know the buzzwords, but because you believe it can truly change something a student knows, feels, or can do.