Monday, August 31, 2009

Resources for Second Langauge Courses

Students may choose to study a second language while in middle school, high school and often while in elementary school. In many instances studying a second language is a high school requirement. Some of the second languages offered at may include French, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

The North Carolina Department of Instruction has provided a list of responses to questions that you may ask concerning the reasons why studying a second language is important.While enrolled in the second language courses, students not only become speakers of a second language they also learn facts about the counties where the language they have chosen to study is the primary language of choice.

Resources that students may find useful when researching class projects and studying second languages are provided by several organizations. Listed below are links to some of those organizations:
The US Department of the Sate
The UCLA Language Material Project
American Government
US Department of the State Classroom Resources

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