Friday, August 7, 2009

Document Camera vs. Overhead

Let's run some numbers for the differences between the two.*

Some things to consider:

Do you remember the daily cleanings to try to get all that ink off your arm from those Vis a Vis pens? At least your students knew who you were... right. Oh yes if you bumped the overhead when you were putting it on the table you blew out the bulb. The heat from the unit was great in the winter but horrible in the summer. Plus having to look away from the light too.

Now for the other side of the coin. With a document camera you don't have to worry about "ink arm" anymore. Your students will not know who you are anymore since you will now blend in with them. No more lugging around that heavy overhead or making sure not to bump into anything when you were transporting it. A lot more available features like with the document camera. Video recording, image capture, book imaging, annotation tools (without "ink arm"), just to name a few things.

You make the decision which you would rather use, I know the one I am going to use.

Check out my upcoming blogs on ways to integrate document camera use into your daily instruction.

*average based on device comparison
images provided by and 3M


L Burnette said...

You make some great comparisions and I like the way you ran the specs between the overhead and document camera. However you left out an important comparision; price. I've used both types of equipment and although I prefer a document camera I have to go check it out of the media center ahead of time. I'd love to have a document camera instead of the overhead but facing the facts in our economic crisis, it looks like I'll be using the overhead rather than the document camera.

Elaine said...

Bring it on---I hate using the overhead for the various reasons listed. However, Leah has a point---it always go back to availability and money. Anyone want to donate one to PGE?

From The Hawks Nest said...!.pdf
ELMO USA has great products! Above is a resource full of great ideas for the Document Camera in the classroom. As is..