Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simple, yet Great Sites – Vol. 2

Sometimes - we all run across websites we think are simply great. They can be very simplistic in nature but achieve huge things! Well... here are a few educational sites that I want to share with you.

Curriculum: Art


This site allows students to travel 500 years into the past and look at the many art innovations. You can also create/add your own innovation ideas! Great add-in to any art class!

Curriculum: History


This site is an interactive time-travel back into the days of slavery and the underground railroad. It is a mixture of story-telling about the journey but also gives you opportunities to make decisions as if you were in the story!


So much to choose from on this site. “This Day in History” is my personal favorite part of the entire site. Being an unofficial (and self-proclaimed) history buff (of sorts) it is very interesting to read the dated historical tidbits. There are several educational/history games on the site as well! Example…there is a “History of Ireland Quiz” and a “Declaration of Independence Quiz”.


This site is self-explanatory! Need your students to do biography research? This is the gold mind of all sites to start with. Simply type in the person’s name and voila – you have their biography at your finger tips. This is a sister site to, by the way.

Curriculums: Science and Art


This site (for the museum of science, art and human perception) is a mixture of student activities, teaching tips and special emphasis on the revolving exhibits within the science museum. There are tons of hands-on activities/directions and even a digital library of podcasts, etc.


Jessica said...

I love the website. I have added it to my bookmarks!

Elaine L said...

I love the link to the Underground RR site! It will go great with my unit when I make the slavery quilts.

Anonymous said...

Loved the site on the Underground Railroad! This site does a good job capturing the "mood" of a slave trying to escape.