Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Using Pic Browser To Turn Your Desktop Into A 3 Dimensional Viewing Area

Pic Browser http://www.adventuremaker.com/3dpicturebrowser/ is a free download that turns your desktop into a 3 dimensional picture viewer. It looks a bit similar to the large computer on CSI Miami (for those of you CSI followers). Once you have downloaded the program, just choose 3D Picture Browser v1.0 from the start/all programs menu. You will see a window where you click the link “click here to start”. At this point your folders will appear in a 45 degree 3 dimensional layout. Move your mouse along the 45 degree angle to move the folders forward or back. Click on the folder that you have your images stored in and move your mouse along the same 45 degree angle to find the image you want to view and click on it. When you move your mouse towards the bottom of the window, the picture rotates to a frontal view. When you move your mouse to the top of the window, the pictures move in the 3 dimensional space allowing you to see the pictures further back in the row. Click the front picture to see all the images in the folder line up in the 3 dimensional, 45 degree line-up again. Click the desktop image to go back to the normal (non-3D) desktop.

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