Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is there a Projector in your Pocket?

Yes there is a projector small enough to fit in your pocket. Optoma, a company that produces projectors, has manufactured and now sells one of the smallest projectors imaginable. This projector is so tiny that you may lug it around in your pocket. At least that is what the company claims. They call this miniature device the “Pico Pocket Projector”. Imagine that. Gone are the days of lugging around bags and bags of media equipment for presentations.

Where does this small projector fit into the classroom or learning community? I can imagine this device being useful for small group collaboration where students will be able to hook this little device to their iPod, camcorder, itouch, digital camera or DVD and view an image on almost any surface. Even teacher planning groups may find this tool useful for collaboration. Please note that when using this device with a notebook or personal computer a composite output is needed in order for this device to work. (See their website http://www.optomausa.com/pico.asp for more information about this device.)

Picture: Pico

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