Thursday, April 9, 2009

History in the Shape of a Quarter

During the last decade many of us have been collecting state quarters from the United States Mint (US Mint). These quarters are a part of a series of quarters that reflect each state and a tiny part of that state’s history. As well, the US Mint has included within their website resources for teachers that consist of lesson plans related to the 50 quarters and the states in which they represent, They also make available suggestions on how this information may be used within the classroom. As well they provide information about the process involved in circulating money. They include information about the facilities where the coins are produced.
What's more the website includes an animated cartoon which they have named the “Birth of a Coin” at;

This year, 2009, the US Mint has started circulating six additional quarters which include one for the District of Columbia and five others for United States territories. (See information about this at

In the classroom these quarters may serve as history learning tools in the shape of a coin. Kindergarten students may perhaps visit,, as a fun way to help build conversations about the history of individual states. For example, the quarter for North Carolina, boast of an image that is unique to North Carolina. Other coin related activities and games may be found at

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