Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Can You Convert?

File Conversion. Today, most saved files need to be used, viewed and accessed by many different users. Guaranteed – those users are not all using the same software applications. So, what do you do? You convert your file into another format. What are some options? There are plenty.

-Free online service
-Convert images, songs, videos, and documents
-Files you convert can be on your hard drive, or even from other websites
-The converted file is then emailed to you
-Examples of conversion file formats: .mp3, .wmv, .ppt, .doc, .avi, .zip, .jpg, etc.

-Free application you must download
-Convert files to pdf (portable document format)
-Once downloaded, primopdf installs itself into every program you have installed on your hard drive – which is great! You can then choose the “print” option and rather than printing to your printer, print to a primo .pdf file

-Free application you must download
-Convert audio/sound files
-Application is very easy to use once installed. Simply “add” a file into the Switch program window and choose the output (conversion format). Switch then converts the file and saves the new format to your hard drive
-Example file formats: .wav, .mp3, .wmv, etc.

-Free online service
-Convert videos
-Upload video to convert
-Receive email notification when file has been converted and is ready for you to download
-Example file formats: .mp4, iPod video, PSP video, .3gp (cell phone video), .flv (flash video), .avi, .mp3, .wma, etc.

-Free online service
-Converts images
-Choose desired file conversion
-Upload image to be converted
-Download newly converted file format
-Example file formats: .eps, .jpg, .tif, .svg, .pict, .psd, .png, etc.

Want to get technical?

Curious about the sizes of your files before and after the format conversions? Check out to figure out file sizes. Visit their site to get specific size conversions for files you use or need to email!

Remember – Copyright Matters! Be sure you own or have followed copyright guidelines for any files you convert!

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