Wednesday, February 11, 2009

C-SPAN Classroom

The C-SPAN Civics Bus is visting the Triad area this week. Several local schools are enjoying the opportunity to learn more about all branches of our government and explore the collection of resources offered in the C-SPAN Classroom. If the bus doesn't make at stop at your school, simply visit the website to create a free login and begin digging through the offerings.

The C-SPAN Websites button provides quick access to over 20 types of resources including: American Presidents, American Writers, C-SPAN Classroom, C-SPAN Video Library, The Capitol, Capitol Spotlight, Presidential Libraries, StudentCam and The White House. The extensive video library includes archives of all congressional speeches. These clips can be edited and saved as links for classroom use.

Discussion questions accompany the Clip of the Week and lesson plans created by current classroom teachers are posted for a wide variety of topics.

Sign-up today and begin bringing government to life in your classroom.

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