Friday, February 6, 2009

BlackBerry for Kids?

Leap Frog announces a BlackBerry for kids. That's right, I said a BlackBerry for children.

Kids can be just like mom and dad now with their own BlackBerry or "Text & Learn" as dubbed by Leap Frog.

The device offers a full Qwerty keyboard, allows them to send their own text messages. It has a mock online browser and because it is from Leap Frog it has learning activities for kids ages 3 and up. Children can learn about the keyboard, letter matching and a calendar feature to help teach kids about the months of the year, shapes and how to follow the directions. When does it hit the shelves you ask? It looks like it will be a summer release.
The price you ask, 19.99 in British pounds or approx. 25-29 US Dollars, not very much at all compared to the cost of the current Blackberry on the market.
Image provided by: cnet news

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Anonymous said...

This would be a fun addition to a K/1 classroom. The price also sounds pretty reasonable!