Monday, January 26, 2009

About Manga Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, in my opinion is a great classical writer. However, his plays were often written in a manner that was difficult for me to understand. Most school aged children will read or study at least one of his works before graduating from high school, atleast that was the case when I was a high school student. And so, creating an interest in the classics may prove to be a challenge for a few teachers.
On the other hand there is Manga. (Visit the following website Manga genre for more information about Manga ). The series that my son owns is a set of comic books that are bound to look like novels. For example my son owns a collection of the Prince of Tennis manga books. He currently owns 29 episodes and can hardly wait until they print the next edition. Seemingly these novels are the rant of my teenager. (see the link for more information about Prince of Tennis)

Classics and Manga, these two genres could not be more different. Nonetheless, a new manga collection, Manga Shakespeare is the synthesis of Shakespeare’s works and the manga genre. This is a somewhat interesting concept in my opinion. Even the combination of the genres creates an Oxymoron at its best. According to wikepedia' website, , an Oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms – classic and manga.

Based on information from Promethean Planet's website, they have partnered with SelfMadeHero Inc., the company that publishes Magna Shakespeare to develop and provide resources for the interactive whiteboard. Of all the classics written by Shakespeare, I believe that most students will read Romeo and Juliet, but even this visual creates more interest. (Manga Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet) - see the link for the website.

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Sarah Eriksen said...

Thanks for this! The Manga-Shakespeare union isn't ideal, but I love that it manages to get young students interested in four-hundred-year old literature. Another resource I'd recommend is Shmoop, which has a pretty modern and entertaining take on literary analysis. Check out Romeo and Juliet to get a sense of their style.