Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Similarities and Differences...


Analogies are the final component of the Identifying Similarities and Differences strategy. This is the most complex because students have to identify two pairs of items that have the same relationship and must explain the relationship.

Teachers may begin by providing the word pairs and asking students to explain the common connection. Eventually students will be able to provide the second pairing as well as identify the relationship or independently create an analogy to highlight key points.

How can technology support and promote student mastery of analogies? Relating images rather than words may be especially helpful for young or non-English speaking students. Teachers can create graphic organizers to provide structure for the exercise in Word, Kidspiration or Inspiration. Word lists can help students practice creating relationships by simply pairing the terms. The opportunity to work in an interactive environment makes manipulating the word choices even easier and may improve participation.

What other options come to mind?

Let's rethink the possibilities.

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