Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twitter: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

The more I use Twitter, the bigger fan I am becoming. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging tool. Users send updates or “Tweets” that can be no more then 140 characters long. Although there is the usual personal banter, someone will “Tweet” something about instructional technology that I am interested to learn more about. For example today I was reading Tweets from Kathy Schock about Google Sites being launched for gmail users. Being able to make contacts with other educational technology specialists from different parts of the United States has increased my learning about 21st Century skills. What a great networking tool to ask questions and to read what others are doing in instructional technology and also to learn about the new Web 2.0 tools they are using.

Commoncraft, the people behind the “in plain English” series have created a new one for Twitter. View the video to learn more about Twitter and to learn how to create your own Twitter account.

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