Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What should I do with my Edmodo groups at the end of the year?

Here it is close to the end of another school year. Many of you have been using Edmodo and might be wondering what you should do with the groups you created. Here is a great help topic from Edmodo on Archive or Delete Your Groups

Another thing that would might be a good idea is to create a spreadsheet of your student's user names and passwords in Edmodo. This will be especially helpful next year when the student doesn't remember their login information. You could then give it to the next grade level for their use.

At the beginning of this past school year there were so many students that did not remember how to log into Edmodo so they created a new account. Then they forgot they created a new account and logged into their old one. You can see that that would cause problems.

Students do not need to create new accounts every single year. In fact, it is better if they only create 1 account and just use it from year to year. This way they keep everything (almost like an e-portfolio) for themselves. 

Here is a link to End of Year FAQ's. Some good information on clearing up the gradebook in Edmodo for next year and how to reuse quizzes and tests.

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