Friday, April 25, 2014

Ways netTrekker Can Help!

I found this in the KnowNewIdeas community which is associated with netTrekker (in Learning Village):

Ten Ways the Right Digital Content Can Enhance Instruction in Your District

1. Save time with a one-stop shop for over 360,000 high quality, educator-curated, relevant learning resources
2. Enhance standards-based instruction with digital resources aligned to Common Core and state standards
3. Meet individual learning needs, from remediation to enrichment, and everything else in between
4. Engage all students with a wealth of content in different formats 
5. Keep struggling readers and ELL students on track with literacy support tools such as Read Aloud and the dictionary/translation tool
6. Support cross-curricular instruction with access to resources across all K-12 grades and subjects
7. Add depth to learning with unique combinations of content
8. Keep students safe online with access only to accurate, relevant resources
9. Increase teacher collaboration in lesson development 
10. Extend learning and support the school/home connection with 24/7 access from anywhere

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